Starting anew

Hello world. I’ve decided to try and start blogging again. Previously, I could be found at misCELLany which was a blog shared between me and my friend Tammy as a fun project while we studied at different schools across the country. However, neither of us are particularly good bloggers and our postings petered off.

On a bit of a whim, I’ve decided to try and resurrect blogging activities (now on a separate space) where I have a completely blank slate. I am currently a graduate student pursuing a PhD in the biomedical sciences field, and I’ve been having a difficult time recently on multiple levels. As a kid, I always had various creative outlets (art, playing musical instruments, etc.) and since undergrad, I’ve lost most of those hobbies that I didn’t realize helped ground me in a positive headspace. I’m hoping by blogging, I can bring back a little bit of a creative outlet back into my life.

This blog will mostly be a collection of my thoughts and random science ramblings mixed in with posts relating to my mild shopping addiction.

Case in point: At the moment, I’m currently listening to The Misfits’s Static Age album while waiting for part of my experiment to finish spinning down instead of reading something for class. Good to know I have my priorities in the right place.