Top Three #2

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Time for another top three!

1. Wildlife by La Dispute [music]

I’ve mentioned this band so many times on this blog but these guys are just so amazing. I’ve been listening exclusively to their earlier two full lengths and they get better each time.

2. Textured Cross-Back Pullover from Banana Republic [fashion/shopping]

This sweater was on sale last week and with an extra 50% off (ended up being $25!), I couldn’t help but pick it up. I usually don’t understand/like many trends but this crossback design caught my eye and I feel like I can still wear it after it’s no longer trendy (I see similar designs everywhere so I’m assuming it’s a trend…). I love the color (I got the light blue one), the feel of the fabric (weighted and textured but cool), the different ways (sleeveless or long sleeve collared button up underneath, tank underneath, paired with a jacket/scarf) I can wear it, the way it looks on me and how I don’t have anything like it. So much win.

3. Peaches/nectarines [food]

Summer is possibly my least favorite month of the year (yeah, I know). I hate the heat/sun, sweating, the clothing and especially here in Michigan, the humidity. However, the one saving grace of summer are the fruit. I love peaches and nectarines. I buy maybe 5-10 a week to keep up with my cravings. I’ve only been able to find good yellow peaches and nectarines so far but I’m hoping the white ones (I could probably only eat white peaches and nectarines for the rest of my life) will be available soon! So so yummy. Thank you nature!

Those are my (maybe trivial) top three things at the moment. I’m going to try and write up Everlane reviews later today (I think I have like 5+ items). But I did a huge Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic haul that I just took all the pics for… So there’s that coming up. 😁



The Art of Baking: Chromatic porn food series.

My friend showed me the Rose video, and I fell in love with the concept of the entire video.

I did a quick search and found the rest of the “Chromatic porn food serie” from Carte Noire. The most accurate title to ever title (… well, chromatic food porn sounds a bit better). Every video centers around one color and through that color, one dessert. As a dessert lover (I’m one of those “I’m suddenly hungry again/I have a separate stomach for dessert” people when it comes to sweets), these videos are just drool-inducing.

If you had any doubts that baking/pastry making is an art, these videos will get rid of any doubts. Seriously. Every single second is gif worthy.

I’ve embedded all four videos in the series so far. Watch below for visual and aural (good god, the music+sounds make these perfection) art:

For more similar videos (like ones based on pastries, etc.), click here.


p.s. jaune is my favorite (serious yum). which is your favorite?

SF and Product Review: bliss body butter (grapefruit + aloe)

Like Tammy mentioned in her most recent post, we went to SF for brunch and shopping during the first weekend (okay, it was a Monday, but it was a holiday) at the same school together. In the words of Brad Colbert from Generation Kill, “Celebrate.”

Continue reading

Berkeley eats: Grégoire

GrĂ©goire will always have a special place in my heart that no other little Berkeley restaurant can touch (sorry Slow). I first tried GrĂ©goire when my “foodie” friend found out I had never been there. Then she literally dragged me over to North Berkeley, where I had rarely ventured, where I got my first taste of what GrĂ©goire.

To sum up GrĂ©goire, it’s affordable gourmet French food which sounds like an oxymoron but pretty accurate in this case. Lunch usually consists of sandwiches and salads (~$8-10) and dinner consists of entrees (~$10-25). Desserts are available during both times. The menu changes every month with a few constant menu items like the crispy potato puffs and housemade fries. You can check their soup of the day on their menu page (link below). Continue reading

Berkeley eats: Slow

I went to Slow, in Berkeley, for the first time today for lunch and it was DELECTABLE. I first heard about Slow a few months ago when it either first opened or suddenly became quite popular. It’s one of those small restaurants that serve “gourmet food at reasonable prices.” I like how they use local ingredients and you could tell everything was quite fresh. Continue reading

Berkeley eats: Off the Grid, The Chairman Truck

For those who aren’t familiar with Off the Grid (OTG), it’s basically a gathering of food trucks/street food vendors that moves around San Francisco and occasionally other cities around the bay. The one in South Berkeley (the only one I’ve been to) is basically 4-6 food trucks lining a cordoned off street with a few event tents and many chairs out. The trucks come on a weekly basis to this venue and the trucks rotate so one truck might be there one week but it won’t be the next.

This post is mainly to highlight my favorite food truck at OTG: The Chairman. It’s this bright red truck that’s hard to miss and it definitely helps that they serve a reinvented version of gua4 bao1 (ć‰Č挅), a Taiwanese sandwich of sorts. It traditionally consists of braised pork belly, pickled vegetables and, according to this blogger, since I’m hopeless at tasting and naming spices, “ground sweet peanuts, coriander and occasionally hoisin sauce” all this between a white, puffy, slightly sweet bun. Each one is really quite small, half a 4-inch diameter circle, give or take. I’ve never been a huge fan of pork belly or hoisin sauce, but The Chairman’s reinvented gua bao is amazeballs. Like really though. Continue reading