Jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon

This post contains affiliate links (Nordstrom). All Kickstarter pledges are with my own money πŸ™‚ .

I’m constantly discovering new ways of procrastinating. My latest discovery is Kickstarter.

Obviously Kickstarted has become a really big thing over the past couple of years but I never ventured over there because 1) I really didn’t need to spend more money and 2) Why should I hand over money to strangers? I’m clearly not a very trusting person. However, what I didn’t know was that you aren’t charged for the amount you pledge unless the project meets its minimum funding. I’m not sure why I thought you would still be charged even if the project was a bust. It seems like such a stupid/naive thought now but I thought people were crazy for putting so much faith along with their money behind the ideas of others.

But this past weekend, I found myself browsing the website to see what the fuss was about. For one, I have a few friends who have pledged to certain projects/products and received awesome items (e.g. tech, watches, etc.). I’ve also heard about projects that were such successes that they were able to start a legit company/production of said item (e.g. U-turn audio– how amazing do those turntables look? My friend bought one recently and it’s gorgeous… I may or may not be saving up for one πŸ˜‰ )

Here are two projects I’ve backed in the last two days lol:

1) One of the reasons I ventured over to Kickstarter is because of that watch my friend backed. It’s sooo pretty and simple. Due to reasons, I’ve been looking for a minimalist watch for a while now. I have my heart and eyes set on this beauty or this one but I just haven’t had the urge to drop $95 or $145 (sometimes cheaper on Amazon) for an item I haven’t worn in over a decade and am not sure I’ll wear a lot.

But Kickstarter projects often have lower prices for quality goods so I looked for watch projects and found Amorstil Watches (website, Kickstarter).

Why, hello beautiful.

Amorstil watches believes in creating simple and affordable watches that suits every type of person. Personally, I want watches to be simple and non distracting, high quality but not outrageously overpriced so naturally, I love the look of these watches and how they’ll eventually have a retail price of just $50! That’s crazy considering watches of similar looks currently retail for over $100 (e.g. Daniel Wellington). I’m sure those watches last forever/have a ridiculously long warranty (oh god I spelled that word warantee. Damn autocorrect/spell check. My spelling skills have deteriorated so much in the past couple of years.) but I’m not about to cough up $100+ on something that’ll be strapped to my wrist and mainly serves to tell me the time.

I love how the Amorstil watches have a second hand and has a nice large face but it still super thin. Loving the second hand because I mainly need a watch for science due to the nature of my work (lots of bodily fluids…) for different incubation times and everything, since I don’t like touching my phone/computer with my gloves on (even after spraying them down with alcohol). And at an early bird price of $35, I feel like I won’t have lost much if the watch doesn’t live up to my expectations (but I doubt this will be the case). I’m not a huge fan of the brand name and the fact that it’s on the watch face, but whatever. I’m aware that I’m just too picky.

They’ve also already met over 30% of their goal within a few days and the project still has 34 days to go! So definitely mosey on over to their campaign if it’s something you’d be interested in.

2) The second project I’ve backed (which will definitely be funded seeing how they’re 7x+ past their goal) is Qmote (website, Kickstarter).

I just love the entire idea behind this little remote. Our phones and devices have so many functions and features but there’s so much clicking, swiping, connecting with cables, etc. to get to those functions and features and this little remote can speed up the process and increase the efficiency of our technology usage.

Can’t find your phone? Use the remote to find it. Forgot your presentation controller? Use the remote as a way to move through slides (if only it also had a laser pointer function. Oh well). Use the remote to start playing music. Use it to turn off or snooze your phone that’s charging across the room. Use it to take photos, control your home security system, etc. I also like how as the app adds more things to control, the controller/remote still works the same way. There are just so many more possibilities.

Personally, I’d love to use this little remote to find my phone, use it as a presentation controller, play music and take pictures. My only concern is that there doesn’t seem to be a lock feature for the remote; I’d hate for it randomly activate my phone while in my backpack because it’s pressed up against something. Also, there are only 10 clicking combinations so you’ll have to choose functions wisely. However, I don’t expect this to be a universal remote and “reprogramming” the remote seems simple enough through the app (they recommend using/getting multiple Qmotes to control more than 10 functions on a single phone/device). I do like the keychain ring/loop idea, the water resistance and the colors the remote comes in (I’m actually unsure about which color I want! Haha the amber is so pretty that I’m actually considering not getting the obsidian option. crazy).

These will eventually retail for $25 and while the early bird pledge ($15) is no longer available, there’s still a $19 pledge (the one I got) that’s still a pretty good deal in my opinion.

So yeah, these are the two projects I’ve backed so far (within two days of going onto the site lol). I’m super excited for both of these items, and I’m really hoping the watch will get funded and it seems really likely. They’re both expected to ship later this spring but I’d add an extra month onto the projected shipping date in case of delays.

Has anyone else backed any campaigns? How did it go?


it seems i only write blog posts when i’m procrastinating studying for an exam. hah


5 thoughts on “Jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon

    • sorry for the late reply but YES! i hope you went through with backing the Qmote. so excited to try get it and try it πŸ™‚
      browsing kickstarter is so addicting. too many good ideas πŸ™‚

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