Review + comparison: Everlane Men’s Crew, Women’s V and Women’s Box Cut shirts + measurements

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So… I couldn’t resist getting a few more Everlane shirts. Especially since my favorite colors, moss and huckleberry, seem to be in the process of being phased out. The three shirts I got were: the Men’s Crew in Huckleberry (XS), the Women’s V in Antique (S) and the Women’s U-Neck in Moss (S). I also got the Women’s Cotton Box Cut Tee in White (S) in a separate order. The Men’s Crew, Women’s V and Box Cut shirts are new to me.

hello, gorgeous

hello, gorgeous
not pictured is the women’s box cut tee in white

TL;DR version? Like the men’s crew. Dislike the women’s vneck tee. Love the women’s box cut tee and uneck tee.

This may sound strange, but I love the color and texture of cardboard. So naturally, I love Everlane’s packaging– sturdy, simple and gets the job done. Also, it’s likely all recyclable.

All shirts have screen printed tags.

First, the Men’s Crew in Huckleberry (XS):

photo 3

I loved the look of the women’s u-neck in huckleberry when it first came out but unfortunately, it seems to be sold out. I wanted to get something with a crew neck so I decided on the men’s crew since the huckleberry color is in stock. And I must say, I like it more than I thought I would. It’s quite long– the shirt could pass for a tunic on me at 5’2″, but looks fine if I fold up the hem or tuck it in. It would probably be fine on taller girls.


Men’s crew (XS) full length/not folded up with gray jeans

Absolutely love the color. I couldn’t get a good photo of it (it’s not ombre despite my photos) but Everlane’s photos are pretty accurate. It has a more dark heather red-purple color that reminds me of berry ice cream. The cotton fabric might be a little thicker than the fabric of the women’s shirt, but it’s hard to tell. It’s definitely not see through, isn’t too clingy and like their women’s shirts, a really soft cotton. Like all their other shirts I have, the tag is screen printed on in silver.

I really like the neckline. It’s that slightly thicker ribbed stretchy neckline. It’s nice and sturdy and won’t get the tendency to “flip out” like Tammy described about the women’s u-neck.


Sizing wise, if you’re a female buying this shirt, I agree with their suggestion of sizing down if you want the shirt to fit like the women’s shirts. If you’re a dude, I think the size chart on the website is accurate.

Measurements for men’s crew in XS: full length 26″ (… this is almost my inseam), pit to pit 17″, crew neck drop 3″, sleeve length 6″-7″
The crew is like a rectangle so it’s pretty much 17″ across the entire length of the shirt.

Second, the Women’s Cotton Box Cut Tee in White (S):


I almost ordered the women’s Box Cut Tee in muted black because I wanted to try a crew neck style shirt but was afraid of how it might look on me. But I actually ended up ordering it in white because curiosity got the better of me.

I hoped my shortness would minimize the shorter length, and it does. I was also hoping the shirt would be boxy enough to drape rather than poof out due to my bust, and it is. All in all, a surprisingly good fit on me! Not too short, not too long. It’s kind of the perfect length and it hits me at my hip bone. It may be a little on the short side for girls on the taller side (5’9″+) though.

with uneck

Women’s Olive U-neck tee (S) layered under

The Box Cut tee is about .5″ shorted than the front hem of the u-neck tee of the same size. Actual measurements of both shirts are listed in this post.


Women’s Cotton Box Cut tee in white (S) with gray jeans

Everlane’s white shirts tend to be the kind of blinding white color rather than a muted/cream kind of white. I think it’s hard to get these kinds of “true” white shirts to really be opaque, and I think Everlane has great non-sheer white shirts.

The fabric has the same feel as their white U-neck shirts. I’d recommend wearing a nude bra if you don’t want your bra to show through. I wasn’t sure I would like the little pocket due to wear it’s placed, but I actually don’t mind it that much. The shirt looks best when I’m moving around… it looks weird and boxy when I’m just standing there haha. I’m planning on getting this in muted black next; I like it that much! Also, the neckline of this shirt is like the men’s crew neckline, a ribbed stretchy fabric that I really like.

Measurements for women’s cotton box cut tee in S: full length 22″, pit to pit 17″, bottom across 19″, sleeve length 6″-7″

Sizing wise, this shirt runs TTS. Just order your normal shirt size. I got a small and it fits just a little loose on me, similar to how their u-necks fits on me.

Third, the Women’s V in Antique (S):


Antique is this kind of cool dark blue-grey color that I really like. I have a v-neck from Gap in a similar color but it’s old and needs to be replaced soon.

I was super excited about this shirt since a lot of people/bloggers seem to like it for the fabric, the non-sheerness, the v neck length, shirt length, etc. Unfortunately, this shirt is something I wouldn’t have bought if I had tried it on in a store.

My height plus boobage causes it to be difficult to find a great fitting v-neck shirt. My problem with most v-necks are that 1) they pull/cling and emphasize my bust even more 2) the v-neck is too deep and shows a lot of cleavage 3) clinginess in general. So these problems are caused by the shirt’s fabric and the cut of the shirt.

I like the fabric of the Everlane V. It’s pretty much the same as the women’s u-necks and slightly thicker than Madewell V-necks. It also doesn’t cling too much to my boobs. However, the neckline is lower and wider than I expected, which surprised me since a lot of people online (including the post which convinced me to try Everlane) seem to like the lack of cleavage that’s shown, even on fuller busts. But my height might come into play here. Since I’m shorter, the neckline is likely to end lower on me than on someone who’s taller. When I bend over like 45-90°, you get a decent view of the top of my boobs and down my sternum. Erm… no.

This doesn’t happen with the u-necks (I have to bend over like 90+°) and definitely doesn’t happen with my Madewell v-necks because the v-neck drop on those is shallower and not as wide. In general though, I don’t think shirt is very flattering on me. Case in point:


Women’s V neck in Antique (S) with gray jeans

Also, I received a slightly defective shirt. It’s a minor wonky neckline defect, but the center vertical seam on the v-neck shirt I got is off center, causing one side of the neckline to look/be longer than the other side, which causes this weird pulling look across my bust. It’s not a huge deal, and if I had a smaller chest, I’d just wear the shirt, but the way it looks on me is not the greatest.


here’s a photo of my chest recovering from heat hives. all the skin problems.
you can see the how it looks like the shirt is pulling to one side when it really isn’t

I started the online return process and Everlane’s staff was super apologetic about it. The whole matter was resolved in two days (Friday-Saturday). Since the shirt had a manufacturing defect, I didn’t have to pay the return shipping cost, and they contacted me via email soon after. They asked for photos of the problem and processed my refund, saying they didn’t need the shirt back, as well as gave me free shipping credit on my next purchase. So Everlane has efficient and super prompt customer service which is a plus.

photo 2

lying flat. the neckline just seems a little off center, no?

Even if I had gotten a shirt without a weird neckline, in the end, Everlane v-necks are sadly a no-go for me. They just don’t work on my body frame. I guess I’ll be sticking to Madewell ones with their little useless pockets.


L to R: Madewell V-Neck Pocket Tee (S), Everlane V-neck (S), Madewell Slub V-Neck Pocket Tee (S)
a lot more chest showing with the Everlane shirt


Madewell V-Neck Pocket Tee (S, same shirt as the black Madewell shirt in the above photo) on the left and Everlane V-neck (S) on the right
note: the Everlane neck line is wider than the Madewell one

Measurements for women’s v-neck in S: full length 25″, pit to pit 16.5″, v-neck drop 8″, sleeve length 4″-5″
For reference, the Madewell V-Neck Pocket tee (the black/green ones above) has a v-neck drop of about 6.75″

I’d say these are also TTS but are a little more fitted in the body than either the u-necks or box cut tees.

And lastly, the Women’s U-Neck in Moss (S):


Clearly, I’m obsessed with these shirts since I now have three of them. They’re just the perfect amount of drape and softness. Absolutely living for this muted olive green color. Not even going into detail on this one since Tammy and I have talked about these shirts to death.

Measurements for women’s u-neck in S: full length (back) 25.5″, full length (front) 23.5″, pit to pit 18″-19″, n-neck drop 6.75″, (dolman) sleeve length 7″-8″
Again, I’d order your normal clothing size.

Want to check out our other Everlane reviews? Here‘s my Everlane review of their women’s u-neck in white, and here‘s my second Everlane review of their women’s short sleeve sweatshirt in black. Here‘s Tammy’s review of all her Everlane purchases (includes some cashmere and silk items).

Again, Everlane has a cool shipping policy: you get 24 hours of free shipping on any item(s) when you make an account and after those 24 hours, you get free shipping whenever you buy 2 or more items.

If you would like to make a purchase and would like to use my referral link, you can find it here (also the first link of this post). It would be much appreciated 🙂 Full disclosure, I get a $15 credit to nurse my Everlane addiction when someone signs up and makes a purchase using my link.

Happy shopping!



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