Everlane: sales tax?

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So… I was planning on ordering more Everlane stuff to try but as my mouse hovered over the enthusiastic “Place Order!” button, I suddenly thought to change the address to the Michigan address of the apartment that’s waiting for me once graduate school starts in August. And lo and behold, no sales tax!

Everlane is a San Francisco-based company so since I live in the same state, I was charged a 8.75% sales tax everytime I placed an order. For the current combination of clothing in my “Shopping Bag,” that’s about a $10 sales tax on top of my 100+ order. I’m currently unemployed and would prefer not paying extra if I had to. Michigan does have a sales tax (albeit a much lower one), but since it’s not California, Everlane isn’t required to charge a sales tax.

This may seem like an obvious thing, but I really had no idea that people outside of California are likely not being charged the state sales tax. While I can’t find any online stories/evidence to prove this, it makes sense. I’m not going to start adding a bunch of addresses in random states to test this, but if anyone who lives outside California but in the US (Canadian customers have to pay taxes and other things I don’t understand) can corroborate my “findings,” please let me know 😉

It certainly not a huge deal since I’ve been paying sales tax on everything from anywhere as long as can remember (except for those golden Amazon days), but it was just an interesting thing to note.

I’ll probably hold off on purchasing some of the pricier items (silk shirt) until after moving to Michigan, but in the mean time, I will likely place an order for two shirts just to see what they’re like. I’m super curious about the v-necks since so many people love them, and I also want to try the men’s cotton crew. I’ll keep you updated.

This is not a sponsored post (and I have no idea why you could think it is lol), and if you’d like to make an Everlane purchase and would like to use my referral code, please click here. I get a $15 credit when you make your first purchase. As always, it would be much appreciated. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Everlane: sales tax?

    • interesting. are those where their warehouses are?

      lol everlane’s website is a little unclear/and to navigate (they keep changing their layout). can’t find any info about US-based sales tax

      • Yup! We learned about this in my tax class (LOL), so if your company owns a building/warehouse/store front/whatever in a state, that state’s residents will have to pay sales tax.

      • haha nice! and very interesting… then how was amazon able to get away with no sales tax for such a long time? were they just based in one small warehouse not in california? (if you have any idea, that is lol)

      • Amazon did something tricky (I don’t remember what, but my tax professor totally did talk about Amazon! I was probably zoning out, lmfao) and I think CA actually changed some tax laws because of them. XD

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