Home decor: mirrored vanity tray

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We haven’t had a home design/decor post yet, and seeing how I managed to set up (aka clean) a little area of my room for some prettiness, I thought I’d share:


pictured: vintage mirrored vanity tray (etsy) • perfumesSephora lip balmtortoise trinket dish • vase with fake flowers • paper TARDIS

The black box thing is one of my speakers and I didn’t really notice it until I was reviewing all the photos and I was too lazy to retake them.

One of my friends has the best vanity tray set up (like out of a magazine- it’s insane) but she’s a fashion junkie so that explains it. I just wanted a place to display and arrange my perfume bottles and thought this was the prettiest way to do it. I found the tray by doing an etsy search and got this beauty for like $20. Which might be high considering I could probably find one at a consignment store for like $10 or less, but I didn’t want to spend the time and energy looking for one. And I really loved the design of this one. So there.

I tried to keep it pretty simple with mainly perfumes (see my post here), a lip balm and a bauble that also holds jewelry. I spotted the tortoise on the Anthropologie website while I was looking for something to buy with my birthday discount. I was looking for something to hold my rings and stumbled upon many cute options (listed below). I didn’t end up buying the tortoise with my birthday order, but I couldn’t it get it out of my head so the next time I stopped by Anthropologie, I beelined for the jewelry box area to compare the sizes of the ones I saw online. The tortoise one was the largest (but not too big) and was perfect for both rings, bracelets and maybe even necklaces. The shell is removable and the inside is like a surprise haha. The outside (and entire shell) feels like bisqueware (ceramic that has been fired once and hasn’t been glazed), and the inside has been glazed with a pink glaze and is a nice surprise/contrast. The outside could potentially be painted? I was thinking of using watercolor since I don’t have access to a kiln. I’ll figure it out.

Cute and functional. How great?

Cute and functional. How crazy is that?

I placed a piece of green tissue paper under the tortoise to mimic grass because I’m clever like that.

Other trinket holders I was considering : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4  (splurge)

More pictures!


close up of perfumes


without the TARDIS lol




it’s so pretty



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