Review & comparison: Everlane U-neck in white. A long post.

This is not a sponsored post, but I have used affiliate links.

Warning, like I said, long post ahead. As in my internet/wordpress freezes once every three letters I type until my browser finally crashed… seems to be doing a bit better. Post is heavy in content and especially pictures. FYI- All my photos are taken with my iPhone 4S camera; I just forgot to properly caption them all in PS.

I know many people on the internet have covered Everlane and their business model/idea. But I really wanted to do my own post about the company and the shirt I bought a few months ago that I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I do.

For those who don’t know/haven’t heard about Everlane, they are a company all about “radical transparency.” They’re all about finding factories to produce designer-quality goods and sell them at non-designer prices (not as marked up as designer goods). On their About page, they state, “We believe customers have the right to know what their products cost to make. At Everlane we reveal our true costs, and then we show you our markup.” However, I can’t actually find a page where they explicitly state how much it costs to make items and how much they mark it up. I think they recently changed their website because I remember seeing these costs listed months ago. They sell clothes (mainly tops) for both women and men.

If you’re curious, check out their tumblr where they make awesome graphics detailing the cost/pricing process for some of their items. They also have a cool page about their various factories that produce different products. And here’s their page (pictures galore!) that walks you through how their tees are made. I’m assuming they try to find ethically sourced labor.

Now onto the review-ish part of this post…

White shirts are a great wardrobe staple and basic. At the same time, however, good white shirts are hard to find. I’m particularly picky. I want the shirt to fit, feel and look a certain way. My bust is large-ish (34C/36B) for my frame (5’2″) and I want a shirt that doesn’t cling to and emphasize it more. I also don’t want to be showing much/any cleavage because well, I’m a prude and my shortness also makes it easier for people to look down my shirt.

Many shirts these days are thin. Like really thin, sometimes with weird burnout patterns so things just look patchy. Also, the thinness often goes hand-in-hand with a see-through shirt. Some people like showing off their bra and I don’t really have any objections to it, but personally, I don’t want my bra showing. I have enough v-necks (mainly basic Madewell ones (perfect v depth imo) which are form fitted but not tight on me) in all sorts of colors to last me a while and wanted something different. Also, rounder necks complement my body type a little more where v-necks are harsher, so I’ve been gravitating toward crew neck cuts in my sweaters (also great for a peek of button up shirts).

Material wise, for basics, I prefer 100% or near 100% cotton. Basics are always against your skin and cotton fabric is just more breathable (I have skin sensitivity issues- I still use detergent literally for babies to wash my clothes) ad the fabric feels nicer and softer against my skin, not to mention cotton is a natural fiber. Also, fewer issues with static (the grossest feeling).

All this leads me to finally just purchasing Everlane’s U-neck shirt in white a few months ago. I had run across a few posts/reviews about Everlane tees which were all positive. These tees are made of 100% supima cotton in a factory in LA. The u-neck style is supposed to be loose-fitting and has been pre-shrunk so they won’t become tighter after washing (wooo slouchy). Doesn’t hurt that these tees are modeled by Ana Kras.

This post (review of the v-neck in white) helped make me make the decision to try an Everlane shirt. Rather than get the v-neck shirt that was often reviewed, I went with the u-neck style (I’ve since tried the v-neck shirt and sadly dislike it. The link to my review can be found at the end of this post). The things that drew me to the u-neck shirt: There’s no front pocket, has a slouchy loose fit with a U-shaped neck (more unique than a crewneck) and a slight drop shoulder with the slightest hint of a dolman sleeve (see photos below). I also love how their “tag” is screen printed onto the shirt. The “tag” is printed in silver (on my white shirt anyway- see photo below) and doesn’t bleed through, and you don’t have to worry about the tag irritating your skin, or even worse, flipping up and sticking out of your shirt. And at $15, the shirt is excellently priced for the quality. I didn’t take any pictures of myself wearing it because we don’t actually have a full length mirror in the house but it pretty much fits me exactly like it fits the model in the picture above. Hopefully the pictures below will help.

When I first received it, I was still a little worried about the see-through factor of this shirt, but wore it was a nude bra the first time I wore it outside (a white bra under a white shirt won’t do shit in sunlight, folks) and it was pretty much what I was looking for in the opaqueness and looseness department. The cotton has a good weight and thickness and it heavier than my Madewell v-necks. The following pictures show the differences between a black vs nude bra underneath.


Black vs. nude bra




6/15/14: taken with iPhone 5S, no flash. Indoors next to a window.
finally had time to retake some photos

natural light nude

6/15/14: wearing a nude bra and u-neck in a size small with gray jeans.

I got the shirt in a small (my approximate measurements: 34-26-36), and the neckline was a tad lower than expected (in other words, a true U-neck) but no cleavage. Below are photos of Everlane’s U-neck vs. Madewell’s V-neck pocket tee.

With Madewell v-neck (small) underneath for comparison

Everlane u-neck vs. Madewell v-neck pocket tee (small) underneath for comparison (front)

with madewell 2

Everlane u-neck vs. Madewell v-neck pocket tee (small) underneath for comparison (back)

It has a great amount of room and is wonderfully soft, and the XS would’ve been more clingy than desired. I like the sleeve length and they only have one seam along the top/shoulder and not under the arm. It’s long enough to cover the top part of my butt and is slightly shorter in the front (but not so much that this is a mullet shirt). I’m tempted to buy this same style in navy and moss. Actually, I want this shirt in all the colors in both XS and S lol. New colors have been added for the season and I’m in love with the muted tones.


Everlane white u-neck: details (small). Taken indoors.

The Ryan line of shirts are made in a different factory and of a different fabric so I honestly have no idea what they’re like. However, I’m not a big fan of 100% rayon shirts (they often cling to every bulge).

I checked the Everlane site for the first time since getting my shirt (in like August 2013) and really really really want the Raglan Short Sleeve sweater in black. Love the longer sleeve that can be rolled up or left as is. I’m also curious about the “neoprene-inspired French Terry fabric.” The black one (and navy one) is expected to restock March 31 April 14, 2014. Seems like it got pushed back. Le Sigh. The light grey one is now restocked. The entire Raglan line looks pretty great, actually. The short sleeve one is just a bit less typical. Would love to wear it with a button up underneath. (Edit: see my review of this short sleeve sweater in black here.)

Also curious about their silk shirts with point collars especially in dusk and pine.

They also have a slouchy cashmere line where everything looks amazingly cozy but a bit out of my price range. Quite in love with the Slouchy Cashmere Cardigan in burgundy:

Everlane also sells accessories, wallets, backpacks, totes, sandals, belts, etc. Really tempted to save up for one of the weekender (duffel) bags or get a tote. They also have a classy-ass leather bag collection (Petra collection) but I don’t particularly like any of the styles (I wish the market or portfolio styles were actually rectangular (not trapezoidal) and slightly smaller since either of those bags would overwhelm me).

Lastly, they have a pretty nice shipping policy: free shipping/returns on your first purchase (offer works within the first 24 hours of opening an account) and once those 24 hours are over, free US shipping if you buy 2+ items.

Tammy was on the fence about ordering a shirt and I managed to help with her decision/convince her because she is now also a happy owner of a u-neck shirt (woooo). So if I’ve convinced you to get something from Everlane and you’d like to reward me for my skills of persuasion, here’s my referral link (also the first link of this post). Would be much appreciated 🙂 Full disclosure, I get a $15 credit if you make your first purchase using my link.

Hope you appreciated that write up. I think it’s pretty comprehensive but if there’s anything I left out, lmk.

For more Everlane reviews, see here (Tammy’s review of silk shirts and more), here (my review of the Men’s Crew, Women’s V and Box Cut shirts) and here (my review of the Women’s short sleeve sweatshirt).


still can’t get over how big of a post this is. super proud of myself haha


8 thoughts on “Review & comparison: Everlane U-neck in white. A long post.

    • Hi! No problem 🙂

      Um.. I think it’d depend on how you’d want the shirt to fit. I’d say either one would probably work fine though (S would be roomier and XS a little less billowy). I’d suggest ordering the size you normally wear (I normally wear a S so that’s what I ordered).

      Or if your first time ordering from Everlane, you could order both sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit (if you order in the first 24 hours of signing up, returns are also free). Sorry I can’t give you a definite answer, but I hope I helped a little?

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