Pics: Longchamp Planetes Large Tote

Sorry for the shitty iPhone photos; currently at home and my dad has a DSLR but as Tammy can confirm, I have no idea how to use one. And I don’t know why other people’s iPhone photos are always so clear. Maybe my hands shake too much? Or maybe my phone obscures a lot of the light from entering the lens? I have no idea. It’s kind of sad.

But my baby is finally here! Here’s my previous post explaining my thought process for buying this bag.

Here are the photos:

shippingThe bag came in this huge box and was placed in a plastic bag between two sheets of thin cardboard.

flap front          flap back
The front and back of the flap.

pull tab        tagZipper pull tab and inside tag. Made in Romania!

laptop   with computer(Folded) bag size compared to my laptop (13″ MBP, early 2011), sorry they’re really similar in color. What the bag looks like when the bottom is unfolded with my laptop inside.

inside with computerTon of room inside, even with my laptop.

I’m a bit crazy and love getting the best deal so after this bag came (from Nordstrom at 20% off), Bloomingdale’s had a 25% off sale on this exact bag (I saved like $10… yeah. I said I was a little crazy). So… I bought it and decided to return the Nordstrom one (yay for their awesome return policy!) two months after buying it. The one from Bloomingdale’s was listed as Made in France so there’s some variation in where these bags are made.

My first graduate school interview is in Chicago on the thirtieth so hopefully this bag will help keep my electronics/clothes dry while also serving as a roomy carry-on.



… Tammy really needs to post more. 😉


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