Etsy favorites part 1: Jewelry

I’ve been on/off etsy for a number of years and there have always been a few stores that I love browsing through. This post will focus mainly on jewelry stores (because I have favorited so many of them) and I’ll have a separate post for miscellaneous (seriously, they’re random and all over the place) etsy stores. Trying to format all these pictures was the biggest pain in the ass… ended up spending an extra 30m fixing formatting with Photoshop.

Jewelry stores have always been great finds on etsy. I love how most jewelry (not vintage ones) sold on etsy are cheaper than jewelry retail stores; instead of paying for a brand name, you tend to be paying for just the craftsmanship and materials used. Here are just four of my favorites that I’ve consistently ogled at over the years (all photos taken from sellers’ stores and linked to original source). Click through for descriptions and a lot of photos:

1. junedesigns, Canada

Probably my first favorite etsy store. She mainly makes rings but also has necklaces and earrings out of silver, gold and palladium, using both semi-precious and precious stones. Her description says “eco-friendly jewelry” so I’m assuming she uses recycled materials, although I’m not sure how that’s done. But what I love about her goods are that they’re always simply designed and just made really well. Also, she has a wide range of prices from the tens (basic rings, no stones) to the thousands (engagement rings). She also does custom orders. Since she’s Canadian and often has sales (there was a 40% off one that I just missed, boo) during Canadian holidays.

I have the hammered ring, and while I don’t wear rings very often, I really like the thickness of this ring, especially during this “skinny ring fad” we seem to be having. The hammered-ness allows it to gleam from all angles, giving it shiny and dark spots at the same time aka it’s pretty.

Wishlisted items include:

2. nervoussystem, USA

IIRC, this is the first etsy store I found. It’s hard to explain the concept of their products and they describe it best, so from their about page: “… we write computer programs mimicking processes and patterns found in nature and use those programs to create unique and affordable art, jewelry, and housewares.” While they do make housewares and art, when I first found them, they mainly/only made jewelry. The materials they use range from the typical (gold, stainless steel and silver) to the atypical (nylon plastic, acrylic). Honestly, I just that they use patterns found in nature and biology with jewelry, especially since they seem to focus a lot on plant and algae (one of my areas of study).

I have the 1-layer twist ring in black nylon. It comes in this cute little clear plastic container and is super lightweight but feels sturdy. Looks super cool.

They’ve made a lot of new stuff that I haven’t seen before. Here are some things that are new to me and look pretty freaking awesome:

3. MIRTA by andrea0503, Croatia

Mainly rings, bracelets and necklaces. Her jewelry is recognizable by her consistent use of mainly oxidized sterling silver, which is a non-shiny black-ish color, which is often contrasted by sterling silver or stones (like diamonds). She has both simple and complex designs and but most of the things I like are a little out of my price range (or our of the range I’m willing to pay) but one day, I’ll get something from her store because they’re all so pretty:

4. huiyitan, England

I mainly look at her earrings and necklaces. They’re usually made up of sterling silver or gold, but she has some quirky materials too. For instance, I mainly discovered her via her color-pencil stud earrings. Her designs are clean and cute. While I love looking at earrings, I sadly only have my left cartilage pierced and neither of my lobes. I just want what I can’t have, I guess. Seriously… everything’s just cute and whimsical. I especially want these popper ear studs:

All the cute things:

This concludes my longest (probably in both length, if you include pictures, and time consumed) post. Hopefully there were some new stores and items that caught your eye! Part 2 to come… after I rest a bit.



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