SF and Product Review: bliss body butter (grapefruit + aloe)

Like Tammy mentioned in her most recent post, we went to SF for brunch and shopping during the first weekend (okay, it was a Monday, but it was a holiday) at the same school together. In the words of Brad Colbert from Generation Kill, “Celebrate.”

We first stopped by Dottie’s for brunch. It was an hour long wait but it was worth it. I got an earl grey tea (delicious but sadly forgot the brand they had) two egg special with homefries and I swapped out the toast for fresh fruit (+$1 but a small price to pay for fewer carbs and more a little more vitamin C + sweetness). Also, fruit is generally lighter than toast and I didn’t want to walk around for another couple of hours with an uncomfortably tight waistband… which happened anyway because wow portions were larger than I expected. Ate the whole thing anyway because carrying leftovers would be a pain. Sadly, we were in such a rush to eat, we didn’t take any photos.

I mainly went to SF to return a few things including something at Sephora. Due to the recent heat, the skin on my body has been getting dry and itching/irritated. i normally use Cetaphil’s Moisturizing Cream for eczema breakouts on my hands (since it’s strongly moisturizing but not sticky), but if used it on my body, it gets a bit pricey (I opt for the 3oz tube instead of the tubs due to hygiene concerns). I was on the look out for a good body butter- something both heavy-duty in moisture but lightweight. You’d be surprised how difficult it was to find one.

At Sephora, we tried a ton of different body lotions. I ran out of arm/hand space and borrowed Tammy’s arms and hands… with all the perfume samples we tried too, we smelled of weird combinations of scents all over. I initially tried out a myriad of fresh’s body lotions: sugar lemon, hesperides, citron de vigne, sugarbath lychee and the seaberry restorative body cream. Out of all these, the citron de vigne one smelled the best to me and the seaberry one, the worst. However, I found all of them to be sticky- an artifact of lotions I abhor. These were all a no go. A few months ago, I had tried the Sephora Collection’s Supreme Body Lotion (price seemed excellent) but it felt heavy and too perfumed (like old lady perfume) and I couldn’t even try it a second time. Also, while Soap&Glory’s body butter has gotten great reviews, I try to avoid parabens if I can.

All these failures brought me to bliss’s body butter. I got the smaller, 1.7oz-sized bottle of the lemon + sage scent a year ago and loved it but it ran out so quickly and I didn’t want to get a full size tube (6.7oz) if there were cheaper, comparable lotions out there. But after months of dead ends and the disappearance of the lemon+sage scent (along with the other scents they used to stock) from Sephora, I decided to get the scent they now sell, grapefruit+aloe, before this scent is later replaced with a scent I dislike. Both the lemon+sage and grapefruit+aloe body butters seem to have the same texture/formula. Unlike the Sephora Collection’s and fresh’s options, these are more of a whipped, airy texture but also heavily hydrating. It goes on super smooth and you can feel how moisturizing/heavy it is when it’s first applied but it quickly becomes light and fresh on your skin. Super refreshing. It smells pretty good too (still like the lemon+sage one more, but beggars can’t be choosers). And best of all, no parabens and no stickiness! With a $29 pricetag, it is a bit costly but the full-size bottle is quite large and should last me a good while.

Here’s a sketchy photo of it sitting on my window ledge:

Bottom line, for now anyway, it’s holy grail status to me!



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