Fourth of July: Sales haul!

To me, all big holidays are synonymous with shopping sprees. This July 4th weekend was no exception. Went to two malls in two days; Tammy was also there for one of those trips. Let’s break down the goods by day:

Saturday 7/6

Tammy, another friend and I ventured to San Francisco for the day for shopping and good food but the post is about clothes so without further ado…

1. Skinny skinny ankle jeans in black frost wash, Madewell (originally $115, bought for $46)

Like many other people probably know, you tend to get better sale deals in store. For instance, Madewell was having 30% off sale online but 40% off sale in store, including many jeans that were regular price online. The pair of jeans I’ve been dreaming to go on sale was finally on sale at $69.99 and I was able to get an additional 40% off and then an additional 15% off (student discount applies to sale items at Madewell, unlike the J. Crews I’ve been to). The store I was at didn’t have the size I wanted so I did end up paying for shipping, but at a total of ~$46, I think it was still a steal. Here’s are my dream jeans:

I’ve needed a new pair of black jeans for a few months now, and I am so happy to get this pair. I also used the same Madewell voucher from my last post (here) so all is well. I paid $6o for the $100 voucher. I ended up buying two pairs of jeans from Madewell and I still have just under $15 left. This is what I’d like to call SUCCESS.

2. Merino Tippi sweater in school-of-fish print, J. Crew (originally $89.50, bought for $24)

I also bought a cozy 100% Merino Wool sweater from J. Crew. Like Madewell, the sale was better in store than online. Online, the sweater is listed on sale at $69.99. In store, it was marked as $29.99 but I only paid ~$24 due to the 40% off sale. The sweater is adorable and I’m in love. According to Tammy and friend, the sweater is also “very me” which is always a good sign. Unfortunately, one of the sleeves snagged a hook on my bag and there’s a dangling string that I have to deal with, but it’s a minor issue.

Sunday 7/8

I ended going shopping with my mom on Sunday which is always a plus because she always pays for my clothes.

3. Style Co. comfort waist pencil skirt in dark grey, Macy’s (originally $24.98, bought for $5)

I bought a $5 Style Co. skirt at Macy’s (similar). It has a comfort waist (aka elastic ftw!) and is super soft and stretchy and so comfortable. It has a pencil skirt shape and I can probably wear it around in the house/apartment or for more professional occasions too since it’s a dark grey. It was a great find.

We then stopped by J. Crew because I just wanted to see if they carried the Saint James for J. Crew Shrunken Tee (one of my dream clothing items). They didn’t but I did find a bunch of clothes that I’m crazy happy about… mainly because I love stripes.

4. Striped sleeveless top in ivory, J.Crew (originally $68, bought for $18)

5. Lightweight terry tee in stripe in flame guava, J. Crew (originally $65, bought for $12)

6. Rugby-stripe tank dress in ivory navy, J. Crew (originally $79.50, bought for $18)


7. Marmaris lace up ankle boots in black, Topshop (originally $80, bought for $28)

My current black leather ankle high boots are extremely painful and tight and I honestly don’t want to try and break them in anymore because they are breaking my feet. So I decided to get a pair of these pretty boots from Topshop. These are my first Topshop purchase and I have high hopes.

So that’s the end of my very long list of new clothes. I’m super happy even though my bank account isn’t. But I’m not planning on buying anything clothing-related for a while… until winter jackets are in (my one true weakness).

Total at original prices: $521.98
I spent: $151
Total savings: $370.98
I know I’m good at buying things at discounted prices (I only buy things on sales racks) but I now have quantitative proof.

Hope you all also had a good long weekend!



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