TV world: cancelled.

Top 5 shows that met their early demise

If there’s one entertainment related thing I know about, it’s TV shows. Now I’m sure most people who’ve grown up with the habit of watching television know of at least one show that has met its demise way too early on. I’m just going to go through some of my favorite shows (two season or fewer, so VMars won’t count). So after a week of typing and wikipedia-ing, I give you, without further ado, my list of top 5 shows that were cancelled too early. Gird your loins for a wall of text to follow. Continue reading


Berkeley eats: Slow

I went to Slow, in Berkeley, for the first time today for lunch and it was DELECTABLE. I first heard about Slow a few months ago when it either first opened or suddenly became quite popular. It’s one of those small restaurants that serve “gourmet food at reasonable prices.” I like how they use local ingredients and you could tell everything was quite fresh. Continue reading

Berkeley eats: Off the Grid, The Chairman Truck

For those who aren’t familiar with Off the Grid (OTG), it’s basically a gathering of food trucks/street food vendors that moves around San Francisco and occasionally other cities around the bay. The one in South Berkeley (the only one I’ve been to) is basically 4-6 food trucks lining a cordoned off street with a few event tents and many chairs out. The trucks come on a weekly basis to this venue and the trucks rotate so one truck might be there one week but it won’t be the next.

This post is mainly to highlight my favorite food truck at OTG: The Chairman. It’s this bright red truck that’s hard to miss and it definitely helps that they serve a reinvented version of gua4 bao1 (割包), a Taiwanese sandwich of sorts. It traditionally consists of braised pork belly, pickled vegetables and, according to this blogger, since I’m hopeless at tasting and naming spices, “ground sweet peanuts, coriander and occasionally hoisin sauce” all this between a white, puffy, slightly sweet bun. Each one is really quite small, half a 4-inch diameter circle, give or take. I’ve never been a huge fan of pork belly or hoisin sauce, but The Chairman’s reinvented gua bao is amazeballs. Like really though. Continue reading

Trying to be healthy: Yoga

I recently decided to try and start doing simple yoga routines mainly to be a little healthier and to tone up. The last time I truly exercised was back in high school P.E. class about 6 years ago. Six! Shenanigans. I noticed my stomach and thighs became flabbier and I gained about ten pounds since stopping daily/weekly exercise. Even though I gained ten pounds in a year, I was still in the healthy BMI zone… I was a skinny kid. My family doctor, during my last check up, said I should exercise more (as in, begin exercising) and I never had the urge to until a few weeks ago. Mainly because I’m tired of my jeans fitting tightly around my stomach uncomfortably and if I don’t start now while my metabolism is relatively fast, then I’ll never get back into shape later. Also, my self consciousness has prevented me from exercising in front of strangers and friends.

A new yoga mat has been sitting in the corner of my room for months and I finally decided to whip it out yesterday, in the privacy of my room. I youtube-d a few yoga videos and found a channel I liked and was comfortable with. I ended up choosing TaraStiles (I find her voice super soothing) and tried a beginner video (here). After three minutes of the 9:50 video, everything was burning and I just fell over. I was so out of shape and I didn’t even realize it until that moment.

Long story short, I think I’ll try to add in a few yoga routines or at least basic stretches into my schedule. I’m just not entirely sure how I’ll get over my fear of being judged by others while I try to work out. We’ll see.

And for those who’re like me and are super unmotivated and don’t want to move from your natural habitat, TaraStiles even has couch yoga video and morning yoga in bed videos. How perfect.


First post: Coach bag and Madewell jeans

I’ve been cutting back on spending and my back account is very happy. Since I’ll be entering the real world soon, my parents have also cut back on support money, which I both like and dislike. Why can’t we stay underage forever?! But I recently got a few things that I really did need.

eBay had a Coach factory sale a few weeks ago and my mom decided it was time for her to finally get a new purse for herself (first one she’s gotten in ~5-7 years. (About time too. Her current Nine West bag is literally falling apart. She’s been using a small binder clip to secure one of the ends of the handle to the bag… which I think is pretty clever but sad.) And since I actually don’t have a single black bag, and the one I liked was $98, and for graduation, she paid for my bag too! Thanks, mom 😀

I ended up picking the Coach Kristin Leather East-West Crossbody (below) which is the perfect size for me–I typically only carry my wallet, cellphone, hand sanitizer and a bobby pin. I kind of wished the short handle was removable so it was a little less bulky, but it’s a minor complaint. The leather is buttery soft and I want sheets that soft. It also has the perfect number of pockets (front flap pocket) and three pockets on the inside, one of them with a zipper.

Most recently, because of their 40%off sale items with free shipping on $50+, I finally got another pair of Madewell jeans. I got the Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans in Canister Wash (here). I get ankle jeans because I’m short with a 28-29″ inseam so these are perfect “normal” length for me. The total ended up being around $55 for the pair so I decided to buy the “Spend $60, Get $100” Refinery29 Madewell Coupon (two days left before the deal ends). I figured I’d still have ~$45 to spend, which would mostly be “free.” Unfortunately, I got a call that my size ran out and the order was going to be cancelled. However, I decided to call Madewell (and I hate talking to strangers on the phone but decided it was worth he anxiety) and see if they had any pairs in stores and sweet baby Jesus, they did. It would be a whole new order, but with the price I originally paid. But at the time of my call, my original order hadn’t officially been cancelled yet, so the money hadn’t been refunded to my giftcard. The sales associate was super nice, and said that this was a special case and she ended up placing the order, only charging me the remaining amount of my giftcard! So instead of paying $55, I ended up only paying $45 for my jeans! Bottom line, wonderful customer service and it totally made my week (I have a midterm coming up). YAY MADEWELL.

So yeah. Those are my recent crazy shopping adventures. Maybe I’ll post real life pictures later. Also, first post!